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The Deep Meditation and Self-Knowledge approach is unique in its own kind; it is based on two fundamental principles:
1. The tricotomical anthropology
2. Trans-confessional.

Contrary to the classical anthropological pattern which considers man as endowed with Body and Soul, MPA refers to a tricotomical scheme according to which man is composed of Body, Soul and Spirit: the Body is a sort of shell giving physical form to our personality. The Soul, which today has been defined as psychic dimension, embraces our capacity of thinking, of perceiving through emotions and deep feelings, of becoming aware of our energies, even the unconscious ones, and of handling them.
The Spirit is the most precious and authentic part of a Human Being, actually it is its very Centre. It is the Source from which comes the answer to any search for truth, peace and meaning of life and in which we find quietness.
As for the second principle MPA refers to men and women as such: it is trans-confessional, namely it goes beyond all religious beliefs and aims at spiritual fulfillment for all individuals.
A self-knowledge itinerary has been experimented for years. It consists of a series of exercises aiming at: - relaxation and self-awareness
- the transformation of a negative attitude into a positive starting point.
- the meeting of the personal Inward Child 
- the understanding of one’s oniric world.
The above itinerary brings about a greater harmony of the self and provides the proper tools to practise physical, emotional and mental silence.
Only after the above preparatory work is a person introduced into actual deep meditation.

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